Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Flickr favourites

I thought I might give you all a bit of an insight into some of the Flickr photographers whose work I love + adore. Flickr is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.
Francesca Jane Allen
This photograph is probably one of my all-time favourites. The rich colour, the textures, the textiles... everything.
Molly Hare
I absolutely adore photographs of mountains, and this one I feel just shows how intense they are.
New Legs
I could so see this becoming inspiration for a textile print! A line drawing to symbolise this would look amazing.
Ash Lie
Isn't this collage amazing?
Monika Traikov
I have loved this designer's work for so long, and I always find I come back to them to just wonder at how they have done some of the images, and creates a huge curiosity in my own work.
Look left and look right
I just love this photographer.
This photograph is beautiful.
I have a guilty-pleasure for softened, out-of-focus images.
Especially this one.
Alisa Demidova
This photographer's work is stunning. I feel like I have been taken to a different period in time.
And this lovely photographer is a new friend of mine. Her story, her strength, and her ability to take each day as it comes is just remarkable and so inspiring!

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