Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rain, rain, (don't) go away.


So as we are all beginning to wrap our minds around the fact that we are living in a new year, I am beginning to start kicking into gear in preparation for my departure!

I have so much to sort out, and I also have Parachute Music Festival's craft market to prepare for (come see my stall! - Chaos + Colour) - I may give you mates rates... maybe.

I have spent the first few days of 2012 in Auckland having my last nights at the flat with Larissa (and Tash + Lauren + Keegs + Jono), and just attempting to be creative, making the most of this wet weather. 

Larissa, Tash, Jono and myself decided to have scones and tea on the day we were meant to sew... that didn't happen, but the tea party did!
I was stoked to shout this friend of mine to lunch! Woo!
Pretty flowers on our walk home.
So the weather here in New Zealand isn't too flash at the moment... but at one point there was the most amazing sunset amidst the light rain, and set the whole street into an eerie glow! (These photos do not do it justice!)
I am going to miss this flat so much this year! (I'm still trying to get to grips with the fact that I am actually going to India this year!)

Trying to be creative...

Taking advantage of a rainy day in Auckland to start working on my wares for Parachute Music Festival's craft market! On a side note - if I was a piece of fabric heading towards this foot + needle, I think I would be so terrified.
On an unrelated note I thought I would point out the 'black hole' of the flat - everyone who sits in the wrong place on this seat is bound to feel a tiny bit self-conscious of their weight... one moment you are sitting and the next moment you hear a snap and you fall through. (The slats always come loose).

I am definitely a textiles student. I am obsessed with fabric. I cannot wait for all the fabrics and silks in India... ahhh! So exciting!
Mid-way through a few creations...
The formations of my mini plush owls are beginning to take shape!
As my creations begin to take shape, if you see anything you like, let me know and I can give you a price!

Peace out.

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