Sunday, 1 January 2012

The year that was: 2011

Happy New Year to you all!

I started out the new year in this attractive attire to the left - ready to head out for a late-night dip into the ocean with Larissa, Tash + Rose!

The final night of 2011 was such an amazing send off, filled with laughter, shared memories/experiences, kiwi humour, and a whole lot of dessert!

I made a brief appearance at a friend's house where there were a few treasured people. I love my friends so much!

When LaTash + Rose came over, they brought with them the most amazing desserts, and I made a ginormous bowl of ambrosia mmm. We watched 'Love Birds' with Rhys Darby in it, cackled away at a few lame jokes, and talked about nudist camps with my mum, then took the aforementioned dip in the water! Such a lovely night :)

So anyway, I wanted to write a post about some significant moments for me in the year of 2011, mostly to document it, and set it in stone, so that I can look back to it and remember.

- climbing and conquering Mt. Ngarahoe
- completing the 42 Traverse
- Parachute Music Festival with lifegroupies
- became an AUT Student Mentor
- watched two lovely ladies swap their maiden names for new ones (Hannah J + Jess M)
- moved in with three of my closest and most amazing friends
- started looking after myself
- learned how to operate a Shima Seiki knitwear machine
- was stung + lost the life of a pet in one day
- completed 'Round the Bays' with Lydia
- ate my weight in eggs (probably)
- grew waist-length hair (thank you eggs!)
- Larissa and I wore pyjamas for an entire day, to get changed into fresh ones for bed that night
- met a lovely chicky at the bus stop, and will (hopefully) remain life-long friends - Ariana, that's you!
- listened to Maroon 5's 'Hands All Over' album countless times with the flatties
- hosted a 19 person sleep-over for LOUD Retreat
- spent many hours waiting for AA to rescue us when Larissa's car Dawn kept breaking down (Breaking Dawn... get it? Ugh groan...) 
- many hilarious nights spent with our flat and the boys flat + Suze 
- learned how to bind books
- knitted armor
- danced to Vengaboys in my pyjamas whilst eating pancakes with Sinead + Lauren  + Lauren's friends
- watched every season of Grey's Anatomy + The Big Bang Theory
- watched (and cried through) the final Harry Potter movie. Go on, admit it - you did too, and you know it
- had lunch with Lauren (nearly) every week :)
- received an email saying that I am going to India for 12 months!
- performed in the Opening Ceremony of the RWC 2011
- waitressed for VIP's at the RWC (and watched one of them die of cardiac arrest)
- watched the amazing Larissa be awesome at Songwriter of the Year
- dressed models with Lydia at the Melbourne Cup Fashion Show at the Langham Hotel
- had 5/6 of my digital-print fabric designs picked by Charles Parsons and sold one to CUE
- went to a live show of Eddie Izzard with mum + Donna
- had my design tattooed onto Shannon's body!
- watched my baby brother graduate!

So all in all, this year has personally been successful in some areas, and I have been so privileged to have been surrounded by the most amazing people.
To everyone who was a part of my life this year, big or small, thank you so much for being you!

Now enough of 2011, bring on the new year!


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