Monday, 30 January 2012

Thank you's

Today I have spent my time making envelopes and cards for some people who have generously donated money to me recently - it is really the only way I can say thank you!

In other news, I am now finding it quite difficult to comprehend that in just 13 sleeps I will be jumping on-board a long-haul flight. Alone.
Now, to many people this wouldn't be such a huge issue, but I am not one who loves to fly... we have a  home video of myself and my brother reading pamphlets on out flight to Austria in 2007... my brother tells the camera excitedly about the different games he can play, and movies he can watch, as he is reading the in-flight entertainment book. Me? I merely show the camera the safety manual I cling to desperately; I have no words, just an anxious look on my face.

Hahahaha....... ha.

Take off was the next obstacle: I grasped the armrests, cried, shook, and held back a scream.

So... 24 hours on a couple of flights should be fun.


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