Sunday, 15 January 2012

Indian bound album = perfect.

Today is a good day.
To begin with it was such an uplifting service at church this morning, and one that challenges you, and makes you excited to be alive.
AND I just purchased the above leather-bound embossed journal from GrabOne - it is going to be perfect to store all of my favourite photos from the year ahead in! Mostly because it is also bound in a traditional Indian way. So excited to get it! Grab your own here or here.
Oh - and today marks my 4 week/28 day countdown. Ah!
The above photo is from when I was not so stoked to get on board the bus to Tauranga from Auckland, especially because it was looking like I would have to sit next to someone. But I heard my name as I hopped on, and to my relief saw Lauren on there with a spare seat next to her! We were as excited to see each other as a kid is walking into a candy shop.
You would have thought that we would have figured out we would be on the same bus the day before when talking about how we were getting back to Tauranga/Pauanui respectively.
Sometimes moments like these make everything better.
 And yes, that is a photo of my hair. Because tomorrow I am getting it cut for the first time in about a year - I doubt I will get it cut in India, so if I left it, it would surely be past my butt when I come home. Not so cool.
And I thought I would take a photo to share with you the amazing perfume I purchased with my Airpoints I accumulated in 2007 after 8 flights in one month. It is Flora by Gucci. And it smells incredible. Probably one of the highlights of my mornings is applying this whilst getting ready for the day. Makes me feel like anything is possible.
It also has the most beautiful packaging.

Yet again, just one of many small things that make life a bit more exciting.

Yesterday I had a mini breakdown when I began to realise just how close my departure is, and how much is still left to do! But God put a bit of peace into my mind, and I then went into one of those energetic moods you get when you have done nothing all day... so you run up the stairs instead of climb them, dance crazily when waiting for the jug to boil, and sing wildly out of tune to stupid songs. 
Come on - surely I am not the only one who does this from time to time?

Then I got to have a bit of a chat to Jono in America on skype, to calm some of my anxieties about India etc, and to hear about his exciting adventure thus far! (He went to Kolkata last year with a group to help out at a kids shelter - read about there amazing time here).

This post ended up being so much more wordy that I intended it to be. Go you for making it this far with my random ramblings :)

Well this week is going to be good - I can just feel it! I'm going to work like a machine to craft it up for Parachute! I will keep you updated on my wares and their progress.

Have an amazing week! 


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