Thursday, 23 June 2011

Here Comes The Sun Competition!

Hi everyone!

So currently HereComesTheSun is running a competition where if you Like/Tweet/Blog/Share it to the public, you are in the running to score one of 5 dresses being given away from Kings of Carnaby:

You get to pick out the style and size of the dress if you win! Ahhh... would be so amazing :)


Currently on holiday, so should really be updating this page more frequently... but watching movies is far too time consuming.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Crafternoon tea and knitted armour.

So right now I am super dooper happy because...... I am halfway through my degree!!! Yes, as of yesterday (Friday), I am now officially on holiday for the next four weeks!
And to start the break of awesomely, my friend Marcus and I went to Crafternoon Tea, and we scored these super yummy macaroons... my favourite was a dark-chocolate and orange one... mmm.
Also managed to nab me a soy tea-cup candle! 5 bucks! (yay for mates rates!)
Then Marcus and I found this book, and had a bit of a giggle about it...
When I got home I was all inspired and such, so I decided to mess around with the idea of kaleidoscopes, and here is the result! ( i am going to continue the pattern properly later...).
Right, so I mentioned in an early post that I was knitting armour... and so now I will grandly reveal the finished product to you all! But I will first gradually build you up... so here, the first image is of my shoulder armor and the paper-fasteners I used at the joints, as well as the strapping I used to attach it to my model's arm:
This is from when I was experimenting with my mock up for the tunic, and a possible bodice to go underneath it:
The final product, modeled by my good friend Joshua Lee!
He is super skinny, which makes him perfect to drape my garment off! The shoulders of this piece are hardened (with good ol' PVA glue watered down!).
Me and Josh! All excited as it neared completion!

So yeah - I am pretty contented right now... I mean I have a whole four weeks to be as crafty and arty as I like. Woohoo!!!

Hopefully I will also be able to post more regularly while I have the time on my hands :)

Stay well!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Some cute finds for a wet and windy NZ day!

Hello! Hope you are having a lovely day! And to make it even better, you should check out some of these inspiring and creative objects and tutorials - fun enough to battle the rain and wind here in New Zealand!

These gorgeous old perfume bottles are adorable! Found them here.
I am so excited about the idea of this birthday present - download the templates here and follow the intsructions!

These next 6 images are from Papersnitch's DIY section here.

These beautiful items can be found at this etsy shop (I first heard of it via Papersnitch)

Where I link to other blogs, please check them out - I do not take any credit whatsoever for any of these images! Support these lovely creative minds by having a wee looksee at their blogs - you will not regret this!

Have a great day :)


Friday, 3 June 2011

When am I not inspired?!

Yes, again I am feeling completely inspired - don't you just love the feeling? It makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to (of course, many things I wish to do have a monetary value... and as a poor student I have limits).
So again, I offer you a few images to get those creative juices flowing!

Feterie Interview - Crafty Synergy; love this textile!

These next three images are retrieved from the Unstitched blog - I just love it!
Collected business cards - I really need to design my own some time over winter!

So I hope you're feeling thoroughly inspired as I am (and I also hope that you are not procrastinating as I am.... when am I not?!)

Auckland weather has been bringing my mood down today, wind and rain, so I am feeling so much calmer now with a creative mindset!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

More inspiration..... :)

I am feeling more and more inspired as I discover cute little ideas and DIY projects... so I will continue on with the theme of my previous post - inspired.

Purl Bee - I would so love to buy my own sheep, learn how to spin it's wool, and feel all the more legit with my knitting.

The Student/Teacher has totally inspired me to pursue one interest at a time and just really focus in on it and see where it goes, like she has done with her daughters , it is so interesting to see how far they could take the simple interest of 'birds'. So amazing.

Lovely Clusters has made this lovely necklace - I would so love to recreate something similar, with a similar concept and idea.

Head on over to Wild Olive for basics in embroidery (if you are like me and are only really starting to broaden your creative abilities). Loving the raindrops idea!

Want to make a super cute chalkboard frame? Creature Comforts offers a super simple DIY method.

The 'yarn-bombing' from this Flickr album is just so breathtaking...

Francesca Jane's words are so delicate and so brutally honest that it is beautiful.

Rebecca - Whimsical Beauty had this image on her blog, am so keen to give this idea a go just for a simple 'I think you are amazing' gift for a friend.

Hope you are enjoying all of this amazing inspiration as much as I am!!!

:) x