Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More Parachute goodness!

G'morning all!

How are you today? I am currently still in my pyjamas, debating which project to keep working on (I start many things and leave them unfinished, so that when I come back I am re-inspired).

Talking of inspiration - notice the 'hello, friend' button to your right? -->
This is where I get a lot of my inspiration from. Danni's blog is amazing.
Click on it. I dare you.

But first, I will share with you a few more photos of what I have been working on (with help from Brittany and my mummy!)...
This is my current work-space - set up in my brother's room now that he has moved out. Don't you just love the desk?! It was my grandparents, and I was always in awe of it as a child.
More work-space... I am going to be selling some of those pin-boards you can see in the background!
Lifeless owls in-the-making. To grasp an idea of the final size/shape/look of the owls, see below picture.
Britt put the owls into this egg carton... "They look like they are in their own forest!" was one uttering we spoke. They look so cute in this!!
Anyone guess what I am working on here??
Yay Brittany! She is a star, and even though she wasn't feeling 100% she offered a helping hand :)
Britt's hard work! These will be paper flags - I am going to use other types of paper also mixed in.
And this is the trial zip-up purse I made - it has a few faults and issues which I need to deal with before I can make another.
Last night I chatted to Larissa for ages on the phone, and we were talking about the day of departure and at the airport etc... man that girl knows how to freak me out! I'm so not looking forward to when they call me through to the departure lounge, and I have to say my final good-byes.
I am so not wearing any eye make-up for that.

Oh - if anyone wants to buy anything that you see (despite the fact everything is in bits and pieces currently), flick me an email, or leave a comment, and I might be able to give you a discount... :)


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