Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Crafting up a storm.

Tea and apricot yoghurt to keep me awake in the mornings! This particular yoghurt is one my nan always used to have, and it continues to make me think of her and how she is whenever I have some.
Working on some paper-crafts + design! These are some of my map-envelopes + note cards, aswel as my 'business' cards that I have designed. Thank you to Nathanaelle and Sinead for helping me cut these out! Lydia has also been a star and lent a hand when it came to cutting things out.
Finishing off my flags!
These are going to be chalk-board necklaces eventually. Thank you Marcus for lending me the paint for this! Legend.
My second sketch to print.
Can anyone guess what I am going to use these to make?
Kirsten being amazing and working on my 500 piece puzzle which I intend to use in some shape or form.
Some of the detachable collars I have been working on!
Now, with this one, the intended purpose is to wear it underneath your collar, as shown below!
Exhibit A. Also the pile of collars, just because.
4 days to go until Parachute!