Monday, 9 January 2012

Time Capsule

This post marks my 80'th one! Woohoo!

So today I finally had my disposable camera developed, and it is pretty much like opening a time capsule! Some of these photos are from when I was 16/17 (and Joseph had a terrible hair cut! - photo 5). The later ones are more recent (a few weeks ago), like a photo of Larissa that would cause her to hunt me down and severely injure me if I put it on here.

Also note the difference in hair length from the first self portrait, to the last (waist length). I think that will be from 2010-2011.

The final photo is one I took at my brother's flat last year - definitely a boy's flat!
Also today, I had the absolute priviledge of catching up with Amber! It has almost been an entire year since I saw this beautiful girl.

Yesterday I had the honour of meeting the Tauranga IS prayer group, and shared my story and what I am moving to India to do! They are such a lovely group of people, and I felt lucky to enjoy afternoon tea with them! So thank you :)


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