Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Going's on.

Here are a few photos to keep you updated with a few goings-on here in Kolkata!

Howrah Bridge + Hoogli River
Looking at Hoogli from the bridge.
Displaying my rebellious side - and quickly walked away with the police shouting at us..
Judy and I walking home from Howrah Bridge in the late afternoon :)
Girls Night feast! French toast, pikelets, and an array of fresh fruit.
Judy, Rachel, Heather, and Esme.
Finished embroidery!
Morten being sneaky.
Watching and re-watching the hilarious security footage of Justin crawling out of Erika's office, turning to pout at her, and continuing his way out... haha.
Watching ice melt... such an exciting life I live!
A giant ant about to invade Brazil... It is actually about 1.5cm long! Creepy.
One of the ladies at Freeset grabbed my hand after work, took me aside, and proceeded to paint my nails. Love it.
Lunch with Erika, Anna, and Judy at Baristas - please note that the cake wasn't all mine!
Fabric shopping at Pinku's shop in Newmarket.
How synthetic is this strawberry jam?! It actually looks radioactive...
One of the gorgeous scarves I purchased.
My gift I made for Judy's birthday!
My first ever attempt at calzones... I must say I am pretty stoked with them! Except for the gimpy one on the right...
Roasting coconut-covered Lindale marshmallows mummy sent me for my birthday - with the flat mates after watching Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Yummy lychees!
And I decided to have my go at making cinnamon scrolls.
I am hoping to make a photo series of a few different things such as Bengali street-art, bumper stickers of auto-rickshaws, and textures/patterns around the place.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

This is why I am here.

Every morning that I wake up, there is hesitation in my will to walk to work through the streets of staring eyes, past tired souls slumped against the dirty pavement, and feeling as much of an outsider as I look.

And every time that homesickness blurs my vision, or when the sounds, smells, and sights gnaw their way into my senses, the women that I see every day at Freeset make every cultural and personal struggle worth every moment.

These women are much stronger than I could ever hope to be.

This is why I am here. And this is where I am called to be. I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else but here at this moment in time.


Sunday, 20 May 2012


My birthday wish answered - rain at 5.30am!
Erika and Anna cooked me french toast, with mangoes, water melon, orange juice, and a sweet note from E - too cute.
The yummy vegetable and cheese strips Judy made me!
A new year, and a new nose piercing to match!
Grace's salon.
I even received a free KFC lunch from the girls! (The boys hid away here - they weren't too keen on the idea of watching me having my nose punctured).
The wonderful Annie who was amazing and went all out to prepare a lovely birthday dinner! Loved spending time with all of these people - I am so grateful for the people who are here.
Erika and I - super keen on the lasagne that Annie cooked (as you can see by the fact it isn't on our plates, but happily in our tummies).
The best photo ever of Justin.
Gorgeously-coloured lichees.
This cake was honestly to die for. Thank you so much for baking this Mai!! For those of you unfortunate enough to not have received a bite, it was a two-layered cake, the top being a moist yoghurt cake, the bottom a chocolate/brownie cake.
THERE WAS AMBROSIA. My absolute favourite.
The happy food-filled work friends.
Not only is this a lovely photo of these beautiful women I am privileged to call 'friend', but it is also an excellent display of the comical maturity of the guys.
Quiet drinks back home at the flat.
Guess who branded all of the flat mates + Judy with NZ tattoos? (Btw, awesome snarling Justin).
Beware 'loose' chocolates.
Turning 21 on the 16th was definitely an experience like none I have never experienced before; for the first time in my life, it was warm on my birthday (I'm kidding... it was a sauna), I gained an extra piercing (to the delight of the Freeset ladies - one of which grabbed my nostril to see what type of stud was used), and I was in INDIA. Of all places.

Honestly, the heat here is just so intense. If you have been to my parent's home in NZ when the 'brasa' was going, you will have experienced the feeling of your face smarting at the heat licking your face, warning you to take a step backwards. Now apply that feeling to the entirety of your body, and you are close to what it feels like to have the wind blow into your face, and against your skin. Brutal.

I am so grateful for the friendships I have developed here, and feel very blessed to be surrounded by such caring and thoughtful people!

I am missing NZ, and all of the 21st's occurring at the moment - but I know that this is just a period of learning, exploring, and of discovery; both personal and in culture.

Happy 21st birthday to meeee! :)

Love to you all, and to everyone who made me feel special on that day.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mumma!

Here's to a mum who ins't afraid to have a bit of fun...
...and to whom takes her daughter on cute dates...
...who impacts our world in remarkable ways...
...and who is carefree.
A mum who is super cute when she is sleeping...
...and eating.

She isn't concerned about getting her hands dirty...
And best of all, we share friends!
I love you to bits mum, and I wish you the best day today as you celebrate how amazing you are! You have raised Joseph and I, kicking and screaming our way through the age levels, with so much love and support, and I/we can never thank you enough for all the hard work you have done.

To have been reminded so many times how unconditionally you love us, and to know that we will never disappoint you in any way, has been part of what makes me respect you so greatly. You have treated us as equals, and I am eternally blessed to call you my mother.

Here's to you mummy.

What a stunner!!