Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Good morning!

So instead of writing my essay, I have been busy scouring the blog-world in search of crafty inspiration, and here is what I have come up with, Enjoy!!

These lovely wrapped chocolates are from Crafted by Lindy, by guest blogger Melanie from You Are My Fave - definitely going to give these a whirl - great for when in a rush or have forgotten a birthday!

This cute patchwork bolster cushion is so pretty! Find the tutorial here at Noodlehead.

Want to make your very own mystery braid bracelet? Tutorial is here.

This beautiful bouquet of flowers is such an amazing inspiration for a colour palate. I found this on Creature Comforts, who sourced it from The Brides Cafe, and they have an amazing section of DIY ideas - for any of you lovely ladies out there soon to be wed, or anyone who just loves to craft things... find them here.

Okay, essay is practically screaming at me to give it some attention... so until next time, have an amazing day x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Knitted Armor inspiration

Good afternoon!
I have had a great start to my day by collecting all of my inspiration and coming up with the above image as my way of expressing the kind of thing I want to achieve out of my assignment (but due to time constraints, I most likely will not be able to produce the entire ensemble).

My inspiration comes from animals that use hardened shells to protect themselves from harm, and in particular, the armadillo and the slater bug - both have similar ways of protecting themselves, with layers that move over the top of each other, and when threatened, they both curl into a hardened ball. I think this is so smart.

So I found images of actual medieval armor, and used transparent textures from the animals to create this image.

The armadillo features on the left (your left) shoulder armor, and the slater as the torso armor.

It is all very exciting.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Things currently inspiring me:

Hey! So I have recently acquired some images that I am putting in my 'inspiration' folder on my laptop, and I thought I would share some of the things that keep me moving forward creatively!

I just love anything knitted that shouldn't be - currently I am working towards creating knitted armor as part of my degree.

This waterslide inspired a poem I wrote, about a heavy heart - I have discovered writing poetry is a beautiful way in which I can vent my emotions, and by the end of one, find I am calm again.

I just love the colours in this image! I think I may use it as inspiration for my next colour palate I need...

And this image I recently found on Tumblr, and it just looks awesome - I want to try and re-create it for some of my friends, using images of them etc.

So right now I am very much inspired to do things that I shouldn't, especially because I have a 2,500 word essay that needs attention asap. I cannot wait for my inter-semester break so that I can work on some of these things!! :D

Have a lovely day - the sun is shining here!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


These are a few samples I whipped up one afternoon at uni, as part of my 'Outside the Box' assignment.
My colour palate is inspired by Katie-Maree Cole's collection, 'Bonnie, Be Good.'
The fair-isle patterning is inspired by the previous part of the project, where I used microbiology, bacteria, and agar plates to develop textures and patterns.
These samples were knitted on the Shima Seiki that we are learning to use - so much fun!

I am currently basking in the sun that has shown itself from behind the greedy clouds, between the hungry rain showers that have been consuming Auckland City. I am feeling thoroughly inspired to write my essay on the controversial fashion advertising of the brand Benetton, by the photographer Oliviero Toscani, after a good research stint into their campaigns.

I am also contemplating whether I will participate in my flat-mate's presenting assignment, where they require me to go onto their 'show' live, and show a short demonstration of how to DIY a small stuffed owl - one of the ones I have started to make many of. I am not the most confident public speaker, so I am unsure if I am ready to do this.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hello there!

So I have picked up my laptop on a typical slow, Auckland rainy day, with Rose in hand, and entered the tempting world of real blogging (real, in comparison to Tumblr).

I shall introduce myself: My name is Alanna, I am 20 years of age, and I study a BDes, Maj. in Textiles for Fashion at AUT - I am currently nearing the half way point of my degree.

I live in a lovely flat in New Zealand with three amazing girls who I am so privileged to include in my life.

My current long term plan is to set up a craft on-the-side business, as I super love handicrafts and anything that has the home-made authencity appeal to it; be it sewing, knitting, crocheting, book-binding etc. I will be using my inter-semester break in July to focus completely on this.

Hence the creating of this blog - where I can purge all of my creative ideas and inspiration onto these posts.

Oh, how much fun I am going to have, and how little uni-work I am going to achieve.

So, welcome to my world! x