Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bright Star

This poem is so beautiful. This movie is beautiful.

If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it. When I first watched it with Larissa, Britt and (I think) Tash or Kaitlin (?), it was Larissa's birthday, and we had the seats at the very extreme front centre of the theatre. We ended up lying on the ground because our necks became so sore from looking upwards the entire time. Everything was super disproportioned. It didn't help that the John Keats' girlfriend/fiance was called Fanny. And her sister was named/nicknamed Toots.

So if you haven't watched this, it is a true story about the poet John Keats, who died before he saw the success of his work. He died thinking he was a failure. But this film is more about the love that developed between John and Fanny, and the way in which she influenced his poetry.

Yes, this is more of a film girls will prefer, and yes, it is extremely romantic and soppy - but I have no regrets whatsoever for crying through this. None at all.

The film is as tragic as Moulin Rouge - just when things get happy between the couple, something has to give.

Moulin Rouge - no excuses. You have to watch it.
Don't even argue with me on this.


And that, people, is how you make a blog turn super girly and sickly with just one post.
I promise I got (most) of it out of me.


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