Thursday, 26 January 2012

Parliament of Owls.

As Parachute Music Festival draws nearer and nearer, my stress levels are getting higher and higher! I have so much more to do before it... this Saturday is when I will be selling my wares.

By the way, if you just happen to be at Parachute on Saturday, please stop by and say hello?
The Indie Market is going to be between Mainstage + M-Road (opposite the Lake).
Look for Chaos + Colour!
Some bits and bobs...
The epic map-flags that Sinead, Lydia, Britt + Nathanaelle have all helped me to create! Thank you all so much!
One of the helpers in action! Woo Sinead!
Slowly getting there... they are now waiting to be stuffed, stitched, nose-d, eye-d, and named.
They remind me of the inflatable kiddie-punching bags that you can never knock to the ground...
I thought you all might want to have a look at this freaky puppet mum hauled out from the bottom of a cupboard. I used to play with this. No wonder my mind is a mess sometimes... haha. By the way, this is one-half of the Punch + Judy duo (Punch).
Mum also found these old mix-and-match cards where there are about 20 different characters and you can either match them all up, or mix them. They were so much fun as a kid! What I love about them is that they are all from different times (the costumes they wear), and also in different classes (poor/middle/rich etc.).
Just look how amazing the illustrations are!
Some of my bounty :)
I managed to rope an anonymous man into modeling this lace collar. (And just to clarify, it is not my brother - my brother shaves haha).
So everything is slowly coming together, and I know that it will all be okay in the end :)


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