Monday, 7 November 2011

A few thoughts.

Today I had the 'pleasure' of getting my first round of vaccinations in preparation for India. I received a typhoid/hep-A and a Polio vaccine, one in each arm, so I went and bought myself some food to console myself afterwards haha. I am just waiting now to see whether I will get the common side-effects of nausea and a fever...

So right now I am really on the inspiration buzzzzzz, and here are some images that are getting me on that high!!:
I like to think that I take most opportunities to have a bit of a peep outside of the box, to stick my head through the top and have a quick look. Sometimes I need to just clamber on out and jump away from the box altogether.

I love this image. I have seen a few like this, and I just love how it inspires me - when I am in India, I really want to make a scrap-book or just some way of collecting different photographs/items/notes etc. You can see more here.

I so want to see this movie! It is called 'Hanna', and it has the lovely actress Saoirse Ronan (also in The Lovely Bones  and Atonement).

I love these collages by Ashlie Chavez. It makes me want to pick up an old magazine and hack away!

When I one day have my own space, I really want to have just that. Space. I want to live in a large, open studio area, and have awesome clothes hangers like above, with inspirational quotes on the walls in large type.
Image found here.

And this image is just too awesome to ignore! I so want to do this with some of the old encyclopedias I have at home some day.
Image found here.

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