Thursday, 24 November 2011


Note: Not me in the picture! I hope to get at least one photo of me getting one done!

So today I went to the Dr. again, and discussed which vaccinations I am still needing to get etc.

Still to be done:
- Meningacoccol/Meningitis x 3 (different strain of the disease to NZ's)
- Rabies x 3
- Japanese encephalitis (will get it in India)
- hepatyrix (HepA/Typhid) booster (in India)

Also need to be done:
- take a cholera tablet
- 1 x doxycycline tablet every day (for malaria)
- get migraine medicine prescription
- get iron tablets (because I will probably go veg next year)

I have to be careful to take my malaria and iron medication at different ends of the day, because apparently they have a habit of canceling one another...

My arm aches... going to be fun sleeping/moving/getting changed.


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