Tuesday, 15 November 2011


So last Saturday I moved back to my parent's home in Tauranga, to spend the remaining time in Auckland with them and friends here. I'm going to miss my tiny, closet-sized room:
My epic wall collage!

 Today mum took me to the rehabilitation area for the Rena victims (a major oil spillage here in the Bay of Plenty); the little blue penguins!! They are just too cute. I wanted to hold every one of them. But they bite... hard. Most of them were rescued from the beaches, and had to go through a few different areas on the site to be cleaned. Each one takes about 45 mins to clean, and uses about 500-1000litres to complete it! Woah!

In other news... these are the yummiest things in the world!! They are small pineapple cakes, and they taste so amazing! A guy from my dad's work network bought them over from his home in Taiwan. Look at the amazing packaging!!

Aaaaand finally for today, here is a freshly wrapped gift for my nan in Blenheim. She hasn't been very well or happy lately, so hopefully this might lift her spirits a bit more!:

Don't you just love this fabric???
Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather if you are here in Tauranga!


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