Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sustainable City Showcase

Today and yesterday I have had the pleasure of participating in the Sustainable City Showcase at Shed 10, Queen's Warf! Myself, some other AUT fashion + textile students, and out tutor Kim Fraser, have been showcasing some of our projects. 
There are items from: screen/digital printed textiles and garments made of FairTrade cotton (courtesy of Pravin Sawmy from Fairtrade AUS/NZ), to up-cycled and recreated clothes.

Here are a few pics from the set up day!:

Garments designed by Donna Cleveland

Our products

Kim Fraser's dress made from recycled mens trousers

Fairtrade cotton

Kahli Maseyk's up-cycled garments

Carol's prints, Kahli's garments, and Elise's amazing top!

Rachel's cotton garments she designed

The super awesome sitting area! I love the old coffee-bean sack stools!

Donna Cleveland's gorgeous dress made from a recycled blanket

These two dresses are made from old t-shirts - so cool!

The fashion area

Our quaint little area!

Half-scale mannequin... I just love it! Donna's husband made it!

My little area

We have the sewing machine set up for live demos!

Oh I just LOVE these so much... the little black shorts are also fairtrade

Super sustainable wall made of boxes! I'm beginning to see 'sustainability' everywhere...

The fairtrade coffee-bean sacks that Pow got from Allpress, soon to be unpicked and recreated into something else!

A close up, just for kicks!

I will upload some photos of some other exhibitions later!


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