Thursday, 17 November 2011

It is so lovely to be home.

I have just spent part of the afternoon relaxing in the garden with Smokey (the cat), who has been a psycho and chasing his own tail and my feet. But now the sun is out, these flowers are just such bright colours and so pretty to look at - naturally I had to whip the camera out:

This is my amazing film camera that I scored for $2 on TradeMe. It is a Minolta Uniomat, and I am in love with it's saturated photographs it produces. You can see examples of these in my Flickr account.
Mum and I started a fitness bootcamp this week that starts at 5.45am (!) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I didn't go to the next session, nor will I go to any further sessions... I was ill in my first and only trial after eating something bad the night before. Just became a bad experience overall. Dancing, walking and going to the gym suit me much better as forms of exercise.

Back to Auckland tomorrow to do a couple of shifts!


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