Saturday, 5 November 2011


 So this week has been very eventful! Larissa's final performance for this year at uni, Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary screening, my final essay/assignment in for the year, fireworks, last night as a flat together, and booking my first immunisations!:

Ugh, I am getting my first immunisations in preparation for my year in India on Monday... I think I am getting my Hep A + Typhoid, and Polio. For about $110! Photos to come as I will try ask the nurse or the doctor (I have to see both apparently for this) to take some!
I cannot wait to get real henna done over my entire hands, and I will take over my nail polish in that colour pictured! Instead of my own attempts at henna on myself and friends haha.

Snuck a quick photo of two of my flat mates in the front yard; Lydia was dying Larissa's hair in the sun, I just love the comical look of those two!

Lighting sparklers for Guy Fawkes!! (A night early though, but it was Britt's last night at the flat).

Gotta love the cliche 'I Love U' written with a slow exposure!


Our final night as a flat!
So from now on, I really need to work on getting my act together and sort out different ways in which I can begin to fundraise and create awareness within my community about my move next year... I haven't yet been able to find a job, so I hope that there are people generous enough to help me out over summer! Still have about 6 or 7 grand to find in three months... eek!


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