Sunday, 27 November 2011

Destination #1: Darjeeling

I have decided that every now and then I am going to do a post about some destinations and sites I wish to visit whilst in Asia next year.

First up, Darjeeling.

Look how amazing the mountains look.... source.
Beautiful children in celebrating the Holi festival - read the short story behind this photo here.
And of course, the thing that Darjeeling is famous for - tea!! source
Darjeeling Hill railway. source
Sunset or rise (not sure) over the city. source
Tea pickers! source
It is just so beautiful and breathtaking. source
To me, Darjeeling just seems so far removed from the India I will be living in, in Kolkata. Because of India's size, there is such diversity between different areas - and this is just one example!

Some quick facts about Darjeeling:
  • The town and hill station of Darjeeling lies in northern West Bengal, India.
  • Darjeeling stands at a height of 2134m (7053 ft) on a mountain ridge.
  • Almost every year Darjeeling's temperature drops below freezing during the Winter season, from November to February. In Summer, Darjeeling is delightfully cool with the maximum temperature reaching about 20°C.
  • The name is derived from its old name "Dorje Ling" which means "place of thunderbolt" and it was given the name after the creation of a shrine on its hilltop. Not only is it famous for its never ending beauty and fresh air, it is also renowned for the export of high quality tea in the world.
  • After cold and summer season, there comes the spring season which is a blessing from the gods. During this period, this town enjoys its first season. The whole town becomes colourful with calm and cool clouds, and everybody loves to watch those magical moments.

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