Monday, 14 November 2011

Sustainable City Showcase Pt. 2

Here are the rest of the photos from the showcase that we (AUT textile + fashion students) participated in:

Vanessa added to our collection with some of her own garments - she constructed them all in one weekend = legend! 
Vanessa's dress: She constructed this out of a printed fabric that she designed. If anyone is interested in her garments, you can go here.

Mel's children's bedding samples (with Carol's behind)

Carol's screen- + digital printed swatches

My workspace (With coffee-bean-sack-bag in progress)

This is the mock up bag I created (all hand-stitched!)

Close up of the hand stitching... was a pretty rough attempt, but then again it was a mock up!

Info Poster for our area

In action! From left: Rachel, Rachel, Kahli, Carol (with Diana behind her)

Rachel's work with our products

Sitka's display 

I cannot remember the name of this business, but what is amazing about them is that they use all natural dyes for their fabrics i.e. using beetroot, tea, coffee etc.

The mock up bag again.

Myself, Carol, Kahli and Diana

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