Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Camera!

These photos are all taken on my new camera that I will be bringing with me to India! Hopefully it will be better at capturing colour and excitement than my old one.

We have been really lucky to have our relative's friends over for the weekend, it is always so nice to meet new people, and one's that you know you will continue to stay in touch with.
Full credit goes to Laura A for the photo on the right. We took these on our walk through the salt-marsh!
Malibu! He is very posh.
Beautiful sunset from the Strand!
We were taken out to De Bier Haus for dinner last night by our new Aussie friends!
Lisa, Jack and Chris - these people are so awesome!
Yay for family shots! (Minus the cow-milking brother).
Bretzels! Yummmm.
My yummy mummy. I love this photo of her!
Chris' epic mussel pot!
It was sad to see this family off, but they are continuing with their journey through NZ, and then onto America, Vietnam and more! We will definitely be catching up with them in the future.

4 more sleeps!



  1. Looks good Lan! Makes such a difference having a decent camera ay! See you soon xxx