Friday, 17 February 2012

Kolkata from the rooftops.

How beautiful is this city? It is dirty and tired, yes, but so alive and colourful!
The crows are so much larger than I expected them to be! They are about the size of a big magpie.
Sweet, milky chai for afternoon tea.
Love the scaffolding?
I love the colours and textures all around me - it is so inspiring!
I mean, look at how gorgeous that deep teal-green is!!
Thee scariest spiral staircase to climb (about 4 floors up), as it is such a tight curve, and the hand rail comes up to about  my hips...
Justin (just arrived last night), Nate, and Gabrielle.
The Howrah Bridge, a beautiful (because of the smog) sunset, and a perfect example of Indian character; risking your life to live it. I think it is an amazing way to go about life.
Judy - she is so beautiful!
Proof that I am actually in India :)
Our lounge.
My bedroom currently. Please excuse the mess... 
Triangular bread (of which I shall consume quite happily), and Thumbs Up!! I have been so excited to try this drink, and I am so glad that I have - it is so delicious! It is quite sweet, and seems to be a distant relative of root-beer from the taste; it is like India in a bottle.
Just a quick photo update for you all.

Love and blessings.


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