Friday, 17 February 2012


Authentic garlic naan bread (just for you Britty!), 7-up, and curry = yummy lunch!
Just a super quick update - I am now working on a design for one of the women from NZ here at FS, and it is a real Kiwiana design, which makes me miss home a bit, but I am stoked I get to do it!

I feel really bad though, because I know that Nate has had his eye on that project, because he is desperate to be creative. But he figured that because I am both from NZ and I have not learnt everything there is to do at FS, I may as well. I told him that the next time something cool comes up that  I really want to do, I will let him take it on. It is the only way I can feel good about doing the Kiwiana one!

Last night I went to the leaving party for one of the girls, and it was so hilarious! She is moving to NZ to study early childhood, so the whole night was themed around this. We sat on kiddie-seats, were given stickers (mine said 'COOL' with a purple sheep on it), and we were each given a peg which people could take off us if we crossed our legs in any way... my behind was so sore from not sitting how I wanted to! We played pass the parcel, and had amazing dhaal-like soup with fresh bread!!!!

Well I guess I should get back to working on this design before I get ready for work!

Hope everyone is well in NZ, and didn't get as freaked out about the water-spout in Tauranga as I would have! Haha.

Much love always.


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