Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hey Cow!!

Have you ever played 'Hey cow?'.
It involves driving past a heard of cows, shouting at the top of your lungs 'hey cow!', and trying to get them to look at you. The game is relatively pointless, unless you are lacking self-esteem and want someone/something to notice you.

But on that note, I went to Reporoa with mum yesterday to visit my brother, see where he works, and to say my farewells. He is a dairy farmer, and so we were lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds of pooping and coughing cows.

McD's hotcakes and yesterday's cooler Tauranga morning with my lovely, mini-friend Kirsten :) 
The beautiful sunset at my brother's house last night. 
Geared up and ready to go! And the sun rising while we follow behind Joe on the quad.
The second heard coming up the run to be milked! 
What can I say, besides the excretions, I love cows!
Joseph showing me the ropes...
Then showing us how it is done professionally. And mum's turn!
Yummy pie at this awesome cafe on our way home! These were the gimpiest cutlery ever.
Proof of the tornado-cloud that momentarily made my heart stop (I have an intense fear of tornadoes. No seriously, I have had about 4 nightmares with them involved this year).
Time is of the essence now in New Zealand for me, with just 5 nights to go in this beautiful country.
I still have to pack, see a few more friends, and do everything to avoid getting anxious about my flights and the dreaded farewells at the departure gates.

I just spent a lovely late-afternoon wander with Laura, testing out my new camera, and talking about how to tell the difference between male and female crabs.

Oh, my visa totally arrived today. One thing more to thank God for - lessened stress levels!

On Sunday I sucked up my fears and spoke at both the morning and evening services at my church, (the night time effort was much better I feel), and then I had a huge big cry with Britt. Ugh. I'm going to miss so many of you! But a year will go fast, right?

I know there are still a few people who I want to catch up with, but as time is short, I am not entirely sure I will be able to make promises for all of these friends of mine. So I appologise in advance if I have to cancel any catch-ups, or turn down any requests!

Two more posts and then a giveaway! :)


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