Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gabes' final night...

This was hilarious when Nate bought Judy her coffee in this cup... you should have seen her face.
And again, Gabs makes the most amazing apple pie, and Nate gets the credit for the epic pastry triangles on top.
I am so guttered that I have only been able to know this girl for under two weeks, and she is already leaving! I cannot wait until she comes back later in the year.
Waiting for our egg-rolls and more guests to arrive... too hot to do much more.
Look at what I found in my room....!!! Indian music hits, and Bollywood dance workout. Can things get any better??
Scribblings from my first Bangla lesson!
Gotta love a self-portrait. Just so you know where I am am when I am writing to you, or emailing etc. I think most of my friends back home would think/expect me to be in a full sari, with Indian music playing, and typing away. (Well, it is half true... I am listening to the music CD I found....)
This fan is both a blessing, and a sleep-aid. It makes a rhythmic noise while it spins, which helps to get me to sleep.
One of my walls.
The tiny window in an alcove above my head. I love the pebble design on it.
Above my head.
I had thee biggest chocolate craving in the world. And then I found someone selling Cadbury Silk. And then I didn't crave it so much anymore.
I took this photo of myself, as I feel so separated from the life I had back in NZ. When I looked at it, it helped me to remember who I am, and to bring everything back to reality. It is easy to feel like I am living in a dream here; sometimes bad, sometimes good, but disconnected from time.

Many firsts have happened this week.
I saw a man peeing on the side of the road right next to me for the first time.
I saw two grown men holding hands out of friendship for the first time.
I tried my first egg-roll (where have they been all my life?!).
I went to my first Bangla lesson.

There have been a few other things too. This week started off pretty down, because I was ill with a really bad migraine, a stiff neck, sore stomach, and aching eyes. I an better now, and we have been busy at work! I am now becoming a bit more independent in my work, giving Nate a bit of a chance to not stress so much, but I am still learning - which is a good thing! I love learning, but knowing that I understand what is being said, and that I enjoy it.

The ladies here at FS are just so lovely. They have the largest smiles, and they talk to us in Bangla, and either laugh or get frustrated when we can't figure out what they are saying. One of them, A, calls me 'Aana-di', because 'Alanna' is a bit hard for them to pronounce, and 'di' as a sign of respect. I love it.

Love you all.


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