Monday, 13 February 2012

Hello Dubai!

I am currently sitting at Dubai Airport, it is 8am, and I am too scared to go and buy food because I don't know how much everything costs!

Asides from that, I have so far had a successful journey. Mum, Dad, Larissa and Mark S all came to see me off in Auckland, was a bit emotional, but not as intense as I expected; crying is so overrated, it's easier not to!
For the first leg of my NZ to Dubai flight, which stopped in Brisbane for an hour or two, I was sat next to a couple that didn't talk much, so we just ignored each other for the duration of the trip (I had to hold on to go to the bathroom in Brisbane, because I didn't want to ask them to move for me). Our landing was delayed because of air traffic or something, so we circled around for a while, and I have to say touching down wasn't as smooth as I expected it to be.

Emirates food is super yum, but they give you way too much! Breakfast on the second flight was my fave, with a hot croissant, fresh watermelon, a bun with jam + butter, and scrambled eggs with a hash brown, mushrooms, and baked beans... mmmm.

The entirety of the flight from Brisbane to Dubai (14 hours), was spent in the dark, as we were chasing the setting sun (or rather, the morning was chasing us). So that made me quite confused each time I awoke, as I didn't know what the time was in NZ, or anywhere for that matter... I was completely lost in time! Luckily I had the three seats to myself on this flight, so I had three pillows, three blankets, and leg room to lie down horizontally! It became quite cold at times, so I curled up with the chocolate mum gave me, wrapped myself in a couple of blankets, and watched Puss in Boots! Comfort in the sky much? Who needs first class?

One of the best parts so far is the fact that when I was boarding in NZ, the attendant commented on how pretty my handwriting was (in my passport) - nothing like a compliment to make everything okay.
Take off was interesting for me, I am not the biggest fan of flying, if you have read my older post about this, so the sudden acceleration had me fearing my life, trying to concentrate on breathing, and then finally realising I was alive and in the sky. I actually enjoyed the second take off, so maybe I don't mind flying so much now.

The airport that I am at was initially overwhelming... shops everywhere, people speaking in a multitude of languages, and so many people all going about their business, looking much more collected than myself. All I could do is stand in one spot, turn around a bit, then chose a direction to walk in, until I orientated myself with my surroundings.

Right, my stomach is begging me to go and buy something, so I will brave the unknown, and then find a seat in the zen garden to relax in.


I have about 5 more hours to wait until I board my flight to Kolkata, 

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