Thursday, 22 December 2011

My week in pictures (so far):

This is the funniest/cutest thing to see every morning on my way to work with mum - this dog always has booties on, last week they were red. The week before another colour.  
Proof I have been working hard at the timber mill - I have worn through two pairs of these in the past three weeks!
I love that NZ has a natural christmas tree! The Pohutukawas are so beautiful right now.
Enzo and I chilling in the sun.
Getting tans.
Larissa's skills at photography :)
I love this flat! I want to live here again...
Larissa being a creep and stalking people down with binoculars. Walk past the flat, I dare you.
My favourite part about being back in Auckland? Being ridiculous with this chick. She's going to hate me for putting these up :)

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