Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sweet, sweet summer.

I have had a really good time here in Blenheim, with a few outings here and there to Havelock and Picton. Here are a few photos to document it!

The lovely Diamond (I think man-made) & Gold cross necklace Joseph gave me for Christmas, to remind me of him while I am in India! Not entirely sure if I will be able to wear it visibly because Christianity is a minority in India.
Stopped in Renwick on our way to Havelock to see some relatives.
Such a beautiful bay!
Just a short walk from my relative's batch!
Joseph conked out from exhaustion haha.
So cool! It is almost like the bridge in Rome (Ponte Milvio), where people put 'Love Locks' on it - padlocks to symbolise a couple's love. Not sure if you could equate a smelly old boot to love...
One of my highlights of being down here in Marlborough, is getting to meet Celeste, and her beautiful baby boy Elon! He is my second-cousin. Such a cutie, and his mummy is so amazing. 
I have had the pleasure of waking up to this gorgeous face for the past couple of mornings - Jess!
We had a good family outing to Picton with my parents + brother, dad's two brothers (and one of my aunts), my cousin, my nan, and a friend.
My dad and his two brothers, Greg and Stuart, with my nan, Audrey.
I have a feeling I am going to see quite a few more interesting advertisements like this in India. This is a billboard for a bead shop. Hehe.
Good ol' sunburn. And this is before the red hotness really set in. It burns so bad!!
Today we found this awesome dress my nan had been sewing maybe twenty or so years ago! I am going to be wearing this, just need to make a few adjustments and finish a few points off!
We are catching the ferry tomorrow at a much more reasonable hour of 8am, and then will pass through Palmerston North, Whanganui and Ratihi on the way back to Tauranga.

See you soon!


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