Saturday, 3 December 2011

Destination #2: Copenhagen, Denmark

So, Copenhagen is now nearing the top of my list of places to visit, whether or not it is during or after my trip doesn't matter - all I know is that I MUST visit it before I die. Luckily, the flight path for Denmark is with Emirates via Melbourne -> Dubai -> Copenhagen!! I am flying with Emirates, and following that same flight plan, but detouring to Kolkata, obviously.

Mum has suggested that on my way home I fly back to Dubai, and prolong my trip for a week or so longer so I can visit this glorious city.

I mean, look at it!:

 Above images sourced here.
 Above image sourced here.

Above images sourced here.

And the best part would be that I would be arriving in Feb, so that means there is a much better chance of there being snow!! Eeee!

Plus, everyone there pretty much rides bikes, it is known to be one of the most sustainable and eco-conscious cities in the world, and everyone speaks english (they don't believe others should be expected to learn Danish before they come, seeing as so few people speak it).

Sigh... I love it. And now I just need to get there. One day I will.

What are your top destinations? You never know, your favourite might end up being featured here! And then you will get excited and be all, "oh my gosh! I want to go thereeee too!!"
Then we will be best friends. The end.

So yeah. Sorry... I'm super tired haha.


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