Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A graduation + my 2 Month Countdown!

Tumi kamon aacho (How are you in Bengali)?

It has been a few days since I last posted about my life in general (and surprisingly you actually read it! Kudos to you), so here is a bit of an update!

The weekend just passed marked two significant events. The first being the graduation of my baby brother Joseph from his Landcorp Farming Cadetship along with the award of a scholarship and a job with Landcorp; and the second being the 2-month mark in the countdown to my departure from New Zealand! It is crazy how fast time is flying by, and it seems I have so much to do! I am still waiting on my new passport, and I am also needing to begin writing a will/fill out an 'In The Event Of Death' form (just in case!).

AND I am currently working full time for my dad still, so that takes up a decent chunk of my day haha.

But anyway, here are a few photographs from my brother's graduation and the following celebrations (he looks so smart! So proud of this guy):
This was the amazing view from our house last week one morning at 6.30am. So pretty.
Had a chance to lie in the sun with Christmas Cards, Kettle chips, and Sodoku.
The view from my brothers accommodation this year + my relaxation point... with a coffee, sun/sunnies, a disposable camera, and 'The Rough Guide To India'.

I have finally sorted out my insurance, and I am beginning to learn Bengali (you can learn a few phrases yourself if you like here).

Oh yeah! Also, next week on the morning 24th, my family and I will be catching the Interislander Ferry at 2.30am... what the heck?! Oh well... at least we will be in Blenheim with family for Christmas! I know that I am going to stay up for a while on the 3-hour trip to watch the water at night, and hopefully see some dolphins! Depending on the weather, I may be escaping people in general if everyone gets sea sick - I am lucky that I don't get motion-sickness, but I know that if I am around the smell of it there won't be much stopping it.

Also. I get to design my friend Shannon's tattoo. How awesome is that?!

But yay. CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK! Can you tell that I am excited? I love the festive season.


P.S. Leave me a comment? I want to know what you think of my blog, what I can change, or what you want to hear/see more of etc.


  1. I almost didn't recognise your dad with shoes on haha. Keep up the personal shopping for your mum - awesome!