Friday, 27 April 2012

We are explorers.

Hello there!

These are a bunch of photographs that I took while Judy, Erika, Anna, and myself went for a bit of exploring around our neighbourhood on Bengali New Year's Day. The streets were quiet, and we didn't have so many people rewarding us with unwanted stares when we left the privacy of our four-walls.

First we came upon a large swimming pool, in which I wouldn't dip even my little toe into. It was clearly far too big to be cleaned properly, especially in this area of the city, but it appeared to still be of use to the swimming club.

As we kept exploring, we came upon some curious door-ways, and interesting textures caused by wear + tear. Anna found an open door-way which when she investigated, found a massive open room, with bright colours and columns. So beautiful and quiet in there. One man came through but didn't bother us, so it was clear we were not unwelcome there. Despite this, we still spoke in hushed voices, and left after taking a moment to stand in awe.

We spotted the top of a temple from few alley-ways over, so we decided to track it down. A few dead-ends later, we found it, and it was just beautiful! And so white. You don't see many buildings that clean around here! It was refreshing to look upon it.

After this we were satisfied, so went and bought some chow-mein for dinner, then went home.


Lately the heat here has been increasing a tiny bit, but we are still waiting for the worst period of it in May. I can say I am actually fearful of this, as so many people say it is nearly unbearable... We can't complain about the heat to certain people, as they will reply, "Just you wait!"
Currently the temperatures near 40 degrees C, with high humidities, increasing the 'feel' of the heat to 45 degrees plus!! Ugh.

But considering the fact that New Zealand is a very temperate country, which rarely sees above 30 degrees, I am coping surprisingly well! I think we are all beginning to accept the fact that we are going to be sweating for the entirety of the day, and most probably through the night, and just getting on with our days.

I had to leave work after a couple of hours yesterday due to a migraine that had kept me up during the night previously, and I slept for a few hours, then rested for the afternoon. I have woken up this morning with my head still aching, but I will go into work - there is a lot that needs doing! But it is a bearable ache.

I hope you are doing well in New Zealand, and feel grateful that you have been graced with cool weather!!!


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