Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy April!

One of the new figures they are constructing outside of our work... kinda cool, kinda creepy.
Customer names: Judy - 'Tiddy'; Me 'Aslana'. Gold.
Outside of New Market.

Anna playing in the bubbles!
The liver fell out...
Shortly after this photo, Justin cornered Judy with this.
Anna and I bought some pretty funky pants - super versatile!!
He wasn't even scared - he was explaining a story.
Judy and Anna being 'romantic'... they were actually watching as the dusty and sudden winds of summer began.
Yesterday was a pretty epic day. Work was quiet again due to stock-taking, so only around 20 of us were there, and at Cha-time, we crammed into Kerry + Annie's kitchen and drank cold coke. So good.

After work, Anna, Judy, Erika and I took the Metro to New Market, which was so nice to have some girl time! Although for the first 20 mins I was close to saying a few colourful words at the 'tour guides' following us and telling us which shop to go to etc. They would also try stand in your way and try to direct you to their shops, and I was just shouting at one guy who would not leave us be, "We just want to be alone! We have been here before, we know where to go!!!!"I think the rage that has slowly been built up at men who stare, or make life a bit harder for us came out in that moment. It didn't help that I didn't actually know the right way to go for what we wanted (it is a maze in there!)... haha.

But eventually as we wandered around for a while, we began to just ignore them, and relaxed a bit. It was actually quite peaceful, just wandering in shops and having a good look at things, trying to barter with people, but failing terribly... we walked out of there with a few summer items of clothing between us, and embroidery items that I had managed to track down (I am SO happy about this), and went home to help with preparing dinner... not before Anna and I had clowned around for a bit in our massive pants!

We were planning to have a grilled dinner (one of the boys bought a grill!), but the weather turned a bit sour, and we didn't have all the resources we needed, so resorted to using the toaster-oven to bake the chicken with veges, and it turned out sooooo good! The chicken was cooked to perfection, and the vegetables were moist and tender. Full credit goes to Justin and his determination to have chicken for dinner!

We watched Peter Pan after getting excited by some very sudden and strong winds - within 30 seconds, all of our doors were slamming, things were flying everywhere, and we stood at our window, arms out,  with giant grins on our faces!! It was finally a bearable temperature!

So last night was a good night. We only had the half day off of work, but it was so refreshing - Anna and I were later talking about how we are learning to really treasure each free moment we have. At first, having only a day and a half every week to breath a bit seemed like very little, but to know that we had one more entire day to go, was so good to know. I feel so relaxed right now.

I am going to get back to my embroidery now, and enjoy having the flat to myself for another hour (the others are at the movies).

Missing you all,


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  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog! I am so excited to read about your adventures in India. My fiance is currently living/working all over India and I just moved from CA to Germany for a year. There is a good chance India will be my home next! Hope you're loving it.

    PS- those pants! I love those pants! I bought several pairs this past summer while traveling through Asia!