Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter weekend.

Pulled-pork buns, sweet-potato chips, beans, deviled eggs, and fresh vegetables = one epic easter lunch..
The awesome dyed eggs everyone made!
My quiet space one early morning.
Erika gave us some guava jelly for dessert one night - I was so excited when she pulled this out, I haven't had it for years!
Judy's night to cook - Vietnamese rice-paper rolls!
Bats in our tree!!!
Beautiful Judy - she is super gorgeous, especially wearing blue!!
Roomies! Anna and I at Cafe Coffee Day - sheltering from the thunder + rain!
Embroidery, chats, sickly cake + ice cream, cold drinks, and friends = the best way to spend a late breakfast.
After returning home, I started baking bread! Smelt so good.
While they were baking, I told everyone to stay out of the kitchen whilst I melted chocolate for mini easter-eggs.
Bread rolls fresh out of the oven... mmm.
Super stoked (I haven't baked bread by myself before!)
This loaf became a bit over-weight.
Showing Judy how to bake hot-crossed buns!
One happy baker!
Making the flat-mates easter cards...
...to go in these sari-bags I made, with the easter eggs.
How good do these look?
Bread rolls ready for Sunday lunch...
...Judy's deviled eggs...
...and Justin's grilled + pulled pork.
Anna looking beautiful as always!
How amazing is this print??

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We have had the most amazing electrical thunderstorms for the past week, and they are expected to continue into next week - I am so excited about this! So the weekend was quite eventful (or so it felt), so here is a description of how it went for us here in Kolkata.

We had a shortened day, so after 5pm, we headed over to the tees building with all the women, and watched a Bengali Jesus film. Despite the low-quality, I really enjoyed it, it made me really think about what he went through for us. We came home to a dinner of chickpeas Nate cooked (yummy!), and then watched more lightening, and listened to even more thunder!

We all awoke at 6.30am to the rumbling of thunder, and the flashes of lightening in our rooms, and also to the smell of sewerage in the streets. Our doors were blowing open and shut, as were our windows, and it was quite an adrenaline rush to get everything closed or locked up. We then grabbed a blanket and sat watching the event unfold in the glow of the morning sun - torrential rain, hail (!), forked lightening… all to the constant growling of the sky. We didn’t care that we were cold, or that the blanket was beginning to get soaked, all we could do was marvel at the strength of nature.
After a late breakfast, we all headed down to FS’s back-yard, and I watched them play soccer (about 10 of them). We had quite a few un-invited spectators from windows around us… Then we switched to cricket, and of course, within 5mins of stepping onto the field, I was off again, crippled in pain! I was running to the second wicket, and I collided with one of the guys, and ended up landing on the bat with my thigh. I sat there for a bit, let them lift me up, then stood there for a few minutes trying to keep a straight face and not cry. I then limped my sorry self to a swing to sit, and sat there aching. It felt like I had been punched in the thigh, so I had a dead-leg. Asides from that, I enjoyed the day there!! That night Judy prepared a vietnamese rice-paper dinner, and was SO GOOD.

I slept in, baked a lot of bread, then some hot crossed buns with Judy. Before the hot-crossed buns, we all went to the tees building roof-top, and the boys began to grill 5kg’s of pork. It was such a lovely atmosphere up there - and it was dark so we could look down on everything happening below us on the streets, and for once we weren’t the spectacle!! Steve (he is one of the senior staff) came up at one point and handed around roast pork, and hung out for a bit. Anna and Judy left to buy eggs rolls for our dinner. When we headed back the flat, Judy and I baked, the boys prepped the pork, Anna boiled 18 eggs, and Erika made a passionfruit dessert.

On this morning we all went as a flat to Carey Baptist church to listen to Kerry preach, and we chilled there for a while catching up with a few people. Then we went back to the flat for lunch! We invited our Bangla teacher, and one of the kiwi volunteers, Luke, over for lunch. We had pulled-pork sandwiches (with the buns I had made), baked beans, deviled eggs, coleslaw, carrots + cucumber! Then Erika’s pudding followed - sooooo gooood. I left the room so I could chill in the windowsill, talk to dad for a bit (mum is in Thailand), and then skype Larissa! It was so good to catch up with her and dad. When I was skyping Larissa, we had a power cut for about 20mins, but then we managed to get back in touch and talked for an hour more. When I eventually crawled out from my room, the sky had begun to stir again, so Anna and I found a way to climb up onto the roof, and we watched the forked lightening all around us, and danced around. Loved it so much.

And that was my weekend! I am still a bit sore from Friday, but feeling very relaxed from the break.
I still have many photos to share, from the rooftops, and from the thunderstorms, so they will come this week.

I hope everyone is well, miss you all.


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