Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bengali New Year

A creepy figurine that  was being made...

I love the colours and texures from layers of old posters, street-art, and bright doors.
The women's public toilet across from FS
Sari markets! We went one early morning, and returned home happy with bundles of beautiful fabric!
Our sarees!
I thought it looked pretty cool when the wind sucked the curtains agains the grate of our windows. This is my favourite place to perch, close the windows, and escape.
Bengali New Years Eve in the Market.
One of the rituals, where a man is swung around a pole, throwing bread to the eagerly waiting crowd.
This is the contraption they use... it was like a giant tug-o-war when they were first trying to hoist it up the night before.
The second man preparing for his swing.
A cute baby in the crowd - Indian babies are the cutest!
The hungry crowd, waiting for the bread.
These are the boys who cause the man to swing, very, very high.
Our local market.
Clay man's stall.
Where we buy all of our fruit/veg.

Walking home from work.
No Bake Cookies that Anna made! So yummy!
The temperature is definitely rising steadily now, the humidity making it impossible to remain dry. Nasty.

The worst is after showering; by the time you have dried yourself off, and are putting clothes on, the air in the bathroom begins condensing against your skin, so you have to dry yourself all over again!

Small things like butterscotch ice-cream, and cold lemonade make it that little bit easier to cope.

I feel bad for the women who are doing the screen-printing at the top of our building, as it is basically a sauna, if not worse. The poor things are so exhausted from it! The volunteers here currently are helping some of our long-term maintenance staff construct a ventilation unit for the massive oven they use for finishing the prints.

Apparently we will get 'used' to the heat, even though the temperature will rise much higher in May, so that we wont notice it too much. I will be investing in a battery-powered fan so that when (not if) the power goes out, I wont suffocate in the heat at night. As a flat we have decided to give it a go and not use AC in our apartment, because so many women live without that luxury. But we will see how we go...

Love to you all.


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