Sunday, 8 April 2012

My week.

This is a recent image that screen-printed to test how fine we could go - look how epic it turned out! All the screen-printers here are super excited!
Spices for dahl!
Cooking is so much more entertaining in India.
Dahl that I cooked for dinner this week - was yummyyyyy.
India's rip-off version of Streets Cornetto.
On Tuesday I made a massive batter for pikelets (tripped it!), and after it had been used by 6 of us, it was gone. So good.
Mishit, with REAL silver foil.
Judy on the window sill, watching the amazing electrical storm...
...and me too! It was so exciting - this is definitely my favourite spot to sit now.
100 rupees buys plenty of fruit and veg!
My embroidery is slowly getting there - inspired by henna!
Last night the weather was cold enough to warrant wearing a hoodie!
Check out how epic the weather was :)
I applied henna to mine and Judy's hands on Sunday, which was fuuuun.
And Erika gave Justin a watch.
Yay for embroidery goodness!
This week seems to have flown by! It has been reasonably laid back, work hasn't been too busy, and I have had embroidery to come home to, and take my mind off things.

Thunderstorms started up on Wednesday night, and continuing through to Sunday (current day).

Tomorrow is the 2-month milestone, which is pretty exciting! I can now say I am surviving and thriving in a very foreign land.

More photos to come.



  1. enjoying watching your talents flourish honey. Isnt time wizzing by......aunty Clare

    1. It is, but yet the time ticking by slowly somehow.

  2. Those spices look so heavenly x