Tuesday, 16 August 2011

That awkward moment when...

I am currently facing the awkward position of utter inspiration, yet my mind is buzzing, so I am unable to coherently apply what I want to do, to what I need to do!

Anyone understand??

Ugh, I am going to use this post to purge all of my ideas for my digital print class... the brief is to come up with a collection of Spring/Summer '12 fabrics that will be presented to Charles Parsons, and then they will select some designs to purchase (for a whopping 400 dollars each!).

So... no pressure...

This is exactly what I scribbled down in my journal to describe what kind of thing I am going for: "I want to create highly-saturated, altered-hue photographs with graphic design/vector elements, and buildings, crossing into nature." If anyone can decipher this for me, let me know?

This resort collection by Carven features large-scale, no-repeat digital designs, that are almost abstract. I really love this (mostly because I can't really be bothered using cliche 'double-reflections' etc to create repeats), and from here my ideas have come forth.

This image above is a perfect example of changing the hues to create less-than natural images.

The above image is taken from the International Space Station, and depicts a series of crops. I just love the geometry in this, and how the colours already seem unnatural, without the need to saturate or alter the hues.

This is an example of the graphics/vectors elements I want to add to images of nature, or where it just seems completely juxtaposed.

The above images are further examples of nature-meets-man in a visual point of view. I want to also take the direction of having man-made structures like buildings/statues etc and chuck some nature into them! I just love this mix of elements - it makes me all excited and really want to start designing!! Might have to borrow my flat-mate's DSLR to get some images worthy of manipulation.

This is the type of extreme saturation I would seriously love to experiment with!
And again - I just love this, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, just another dimension, a separate universe almost.

I really want to also tie in a few 3D-looking elements if I have the time to experiment and mess around with these ideas a bit more!

Just another exciting example of things that are inspiring me right now! I love this screen-print. It just makes me stop and stare.

Last image: This one is something that I would like to bring in from the nature perspective - lichen and mosses etc, these create such amazing patterns and details that I would love to incorporate into my work. (Although at the point, my ideas are everywhere, and I really need to cut them down and be a bit more realistic with where I am at!).

So this is what my mind would look like if you could see it. It is also mixed with a further array of emotions, questions and ideas.


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