Sunday, 21 August 2011

On the inspiration buzz now!

So have just been browsing some of the blogs I follow, and I have come across a few images that really get my all excited and anxious to be creative and such...

These photographs below I came across on I Go By Katie's gorgeous blog, featuring photographer Sarah Maingot and this amazing country-inspired photo shoot.
Don't you just love these cute little packages?! These are perfect for things like wedding favours, children's party bags, etc. Find the tutorial here.
Now this design, it makes me want to pick up a paintbrush and paint everything within sight with lovely cool and warm tones together. It just brings so much life to this fabric! This blog creator is using this textile for some drapes...
Aaaand... the cutest thing I found this morning is this adorable embroidered portrait. Isn't it just gorgeous?! You Are My Fave features the artist Michelle Rigg on her blog.
So pretty much I am now in a jittery state of complete inspiration, and I am just super needing to release it in some creative way!! Maybe I should actually use it for my uni work.... that would be the logical option.


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