Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Screen Printing Inspiration

Just an update on my previous post, I am not going to be going to India in September, because University was too difficult to work around, but God has managed to outwork a better outcome! I am now heavily considering moving to Kolkata for a year to work for Freeset in February 2012! I am beyond excited at this prospect, as my heart just broke thinking I wouldn't get to India at all!

Now that I am remaining in New Zealand for the time being, I am having to refocus on my final semester - we are working on our Digital and Screen Printing media, as well as learning Illustrator and about Design Communication, and I am pretty happy that we are watching movies and studying them in theory! Good ones too: The Devil Wears Prada, Roman Holiday, Dracula, and Memoirs of a Geisha!

So I have begun to gather some images of inspiration for my Digital/Screen Printing/Illustrator classes to use as my stepping stones to get some designs flowing!

Here are my Screen-Printing images:

From this image above, I have found that I am quite inspired by the geometrical aspect to it, which is what I am using to spurn out further images related to it...

(Two separate links btw)
As you can see in this collection, there is a glorious amount of geometrical imagery and patterns going on, which look fantastic!

This is a nice colour palate, but I am wondering whether it will be best for what I am going for, as many S/S collections are brighter colours - although this is quite a soft, warm colour palate, which reminds me of quiet evenings in with a friend or two, chilling out with a nice dinner and wine, after a sun-blasted day. Oh Lordy, my imagery is embarrassing.

Image from Design*Sponge

I love this image above - it reminds me of the vibrant colours of India (I know, I am obsessed!). It's cool, because in our screen printing class, we have access to foils, so I can add metallic accents to my design (whatever it will be), so I can have elements similar to the above two images.
Patrick Dan featured on Design*Sponge

I saw this image on Tumblr, and it made me really want to incorporate flags/bunting into my design! It is an interesting concept, and I am thinking that if I am to focus on this idea, I would design for a wallpaper banner that runs along the wall horizontally (if you get what I mean?).

Another image on Tumblr, and this one has inspired me beyond the initial concept of a wallpaper banner featuring bunting, but if I am to pursue this idea, I think that I will add designs within the flags, similar to the above two images.

And this image I just love - I love the flags in the background, with the overlaying of a hand-drawn design - simple three-colour palate - perfect for screen printing!

So I will see how I can develop and intertwine the two concepts of geometrical designs, as well as the flags/bunting. I have to also decide what I will design for - be it S/S swimsuit, or a fabric for designers to use to create garments... or maybe even a bed-spread, a beach towel.... the possibilities are almost endless. The boundaries are only what I can screen-print onto successfully.

Quite a long post, but my way of being able to purge out some of my ideas and sort them out a bit (and now you might have an insight into my mind and how I process ideas and concepts!).

Hope winter is treating you well (down here in the Southern Hemisphere), and that the Northern Hemisphere gets ready for when we claim summer back! Not long now... haha.

Ta-ta for now.

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