Friday, 5 August 2011

I have finally decided what I am going to focus my screen printing on! I have thought more in-depth about the geometric concept, and how and where I could apply it to somewhere where it could be commercially produced.
So... I had the theme of children's rooms and the textiles used in them going through my head, and it got me thinking: newborns.
I am going to use the way that babies' eyesight develops from birth up to about 6 months to create my prints.

For about a week after birth, babies can not really see colour, mostly black/white/grey, and anything with high contrast, and then from there the babies develop the ability to perceive colour - generally it is mostly high contrasting colours like red and green, and then later blues, pastels, along with the handy tool of depth perception.

So with this I will create a range of fabric designs that can be used in the room of the baby at different stages to create the right stimulus.


This morning at uni I was surprised to find some of my knitwear swatches displayed on the fashion and textile floor at my uni!
(My swatches are on the right column - inspired by bacteria!)

My cable-look fair-ilse designs.

Today my flatmate and I decided we needed to exercise a bit more, so we climbed Big King Reserve and watched the sun set (unintentionally)... And then we went to Burger King = fail. BUT I am going to the gym in the morning so it is okay. Ish. Haha.
My mum sent me a mini care package today to cheer me up about India! Cute little kitten card, some good ol' kiwi lollies, some socks and some mints. Happy :)
Dolly Mix!

Looking forward to screen-printing now that I know what I am focusing on. Now I just have to sort out my digital design.... ugh.


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