Sunday, 22 May 2011

Things currently inspiring me:

Hey! So I have recently acquired some images that I am putting in my 'inspiration' folder on my laptop, and I thought I would share some of the things that keep me moving forward creatively!

I just love anything knitted that shouldn't be - currently I am working towards creating knitted armor as part of my degree.

This waterslide inspired a poem I wrote, about a heavy heart - I have discovered writing poetry is a beautiful way in which I can vent my emotions, and by the end of one, find I am calm again.

I just love the colours in this image! I think I may use it as inspiration for my next colour palate I need...

And this image I recently found on Tumblr, and it just looks awesome - I want to try and re-create it for some of my friends, using images of them etc.

So right now I am very much inspired to do things that I shouldn't, especially because I have a 2,500 word essay that needs attention asap. I cannot wait for my inter-semester break so that I can work on some of these things!! :D

Have a lovely day - the sun is shining here!

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