Wednesday, 18 May 2011


These are a few samples I whipped up one afternoon at uni, as part of my 'Outside the Box' assignment.
My colour palate is inspired by Katie-Maree Cole's collection, 'Bonnie, Be Good.'
The fair-isle patterning is inspired by the previous part of the project, where I used microbiology, bacteria, and agar plates to develop textures and patterns.
These samples were knitted on the Shima Seiki that we are learning to use - so much fun!

I am currently basking in the sun that has shown itself from behind the greedy clouds, between the hungry rain showers that have been consuming Auckland City. I am feeling thoroughly inspired to write my essay on the controversial fashion advertising of the brand Benetton, by the photographer Oliviero Toscani, after a good research stint into their campaigns.

I am also contemplating whether I will participate in my flat-mate's presenting assignment, where they require me to go onto their 'show' live, and show a short demonstration of how to DIY a small stuffed owl - one of the ones I have started to make many of. I am not the most confident public speaker, so I am unsure if I am ready to do this.

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