Sunday, 7 October 2012

Here, I am.

I had a moment today where I felt the same peaceful contentment that I have experienced only back home in New Zealand, where it ('it' being the life I am living) just seems right. You know that feeling? Peace settles in, and being here and living in the now, is all that needs to be done.
Myself and my flat-mates often spend time dreaming of our first meals when returning home, or listing the foods/places/people we miss, but as my time quickly diminishes, home doesn't seem so far away.
I am currently in the limbo between desperately wishing the months away, and of wishing the time to slow down. It's a perfect balance - I can see that the few months left here in India still holds many opportunities to be taken advantage of, yet I know that this will pass by quickly now that I have just 12 weeks until I have my family joining me in these foreign lands.
The milestones I used to get me through each month, and past the bought of homesickness are quickly sneaking up and passing me by without so much as a 'hello', and christmas seems only just around the corner (thanks to helping with the designing of our Christmas stock bags)!
I do not want to be the person who upon arriving on familiar shores thinks to themselves, "I wish I had done more; wish I hadn't taken each day for granted; wish I smiled more and worried less."
I am learning to take a moment every day to be thankful for where God has placed me, for the people that I have around me, and for the priviledge I have for working alongside the most incredible women.
My heart already cries for the day I must farewell this place for a period of time (for I know I will return again), and occasionally I must tell myself that it is ok to grow friendships here when there are only months left to live in them, and that it is not selfish to allow them to flourish, only to leave in a short time. I am hoping that my furutre self will be diligent in sending some form of communication back to the women of Freeset, to let them know I often think of them, and I will return one day.
But that is in the future, and to dwell on that will only suck the time that the days have now.

As I have in my sidebar, here, I am. 


Visiting one of the Freeset ladies in her home.

 Little John Robert 'Bobby/JR' Lander was welcomed into the world. Below is the embroidery I finished for the event.

 Spot the little creature below, his black eyes ever-watching.
I have been very inspired creatively recently, as you can see above! Rachel sent me a letter all the way from Germany, as she begins her own foreign adventure - and so Rach, I am making you this embroidered Eiffel Tower as an 'I am so proud of you' token. And the above image is just some knitting I have been doing - I am making a blanket for winter!


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