Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tickled pink.

Anna's hair! I think it looks so cool.
Pink Justin tailoring - not sewing- his hat back together. Respect.
This is Morten.
Mmm... cold watermelon on a warm Kolkata spring day is the best. 
The Holi aftermath...
One night, we spent a good half hour studying the path of the default DVD screen-saver. Here we have Erika explaining the angles. We were attempting to guess-timate whether we would see it hit the corner so that it touches two sides at the same time. That is how awesome we are.
Our Bangla teacher took us all to visit a couple of art exhibitions that were being held to commemorate the International Women's Day. So interesting! Was a bit over the artists trying to get us to buy their work though.
I really wish we had rubbish bins like this in New Zealand. That really would make me happy.
And Australia can have these cute ones. In Pune they have penguins.
We happened upon some traditional Bengali song and dance celebrations going on in celebration of Holi - so much yellow and orange! And the girls were so beautiful.
This kid had some attitude. He was having a good go at his mother for some time.
Their costumes are so pretty and colourful!
What a life, huh?
Anna and Erika. Love these girls!
Cha cups!
So gorgeous!
I love bad translations. Not as much as I love 'sand-wishes'.
Again, a reminder to always look up.
The boys (and girls) were so stoked to enjoy a big piece of beef steak.
This week has been so good, I have had the entire week off as I was in Pune for the first half, and then we had Holi, and we were able to welcome two amazing girls to our flat, and to Kolkata! But to be honest, I cannot wait to get back to work, I long for the structure and routine. Sometimes it just gets too claustrophobic in the flat.

I am still a worrying shade of pink, the dye is so difficult to remove, but it is all completely worth it, for a day where we were attacked by kids with water-pistols and handfuls of metallic green powder, that magically changes to blood-red with water.


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