Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pancakes, egg-rolls, and saris.

Justin adding the finishing touches to the pancakes I made for our dessert this week - including a chocolate sauce he created, yum! 
Don't you just wish you could eat this right now?
And the resulting mess...
These are the water bottles we re-fill with filtered water as the tap water isn't that safe for us to consume.
Some of the beautiful saris out to dry, that FS uses on some of their products.
Above the sari with diagonal stripes, can you see the small hole in the tarpaulin hung from the roof? N saw one of the ladies poke her head though to shout at someone on the ground floor, from the 4th floor. Just an example of the 'intercom' system I have mentioned in earlier posts.
I love seeing this every day when I am walking up the stairs to the office! I always wonder who's hand it is.
The little friend that joined us in our Bangla lesson this morning. I feel like I should name him...
See us?!
Tonight we decided to get egg-rolls for dinner. This is guy at the same shop that is cooking chicken.
This is the boy that served us. What I love about this photo is that the face of the man staring at me in the background, is that it is the same look that every man I pass gives me/any white woman - it en-captures that expression perfectly. Imagine walking through a crowd of that face. Yeah.
Seriously, come to India so I can buy you an egg-roll. You know you want to.
I am a tiny bit fearful of these delicious egg-rolls, they made my stomach a bit sore last time, so I guess we will see. But honestly, they are so worth it. It is basically a flat bread placed on top of a egg mixture in a pan just before it cooks entirely, and when completely cooked, it is wrapped around veges like red onions, capsicum, cabbage etc. I am going to learn how to make them myself. Although it is probably cheaper to buy them already cooked - 17 Rupees.

Today I skyped my brother, which was the first time I have seen him since about 5 days before I left NZ! It was so good to see him, as I really miss his friendship. Love you Joe! I also saw our cat, who apparently was super confused at where my voice was coming from. Cute.
Tonight our flat watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and I am so in love with it! It has the best humour, so I highly recommend you view it, I was cracking up the who way through.
We skyped Gabs too, before the movie, and it was so lovely to see her again! Gabs, we miss you here! Cannot wait for you to come back in 4 weeks :)

I am quite content right now. I am in an often-overwhelming city, in a foreign country, and I am surviving. I think when I first knew I was going to be in India for a year, I was excited and nervous. As the days drew closer, I began to doubt whether I would be able to handle it, or whether I was ready for something like this. So far, I think I am proving myself wrong.

Tomorrow J and I are going to one of the FS ladies' house for a cup of 'cha'/tea, ("Aami cha chai!" = I want tea!), and afterwards heading to a hotel for P's birthday at a hotel so we can use their swimming pool! Sooooo excited.

And, on Sunday I will be flying to Pune!

Something I am not so keen on, is the increasing temperatures. Currently most days are above 30 degrees Celsius, but if we complain to anyone who has been here through summer, all we hear is, "Just you wait!" It is freaking us out... I think if anything, that will be the decider for whether I can prove myself wrong and can cope with it. In August I have to leave India, under the conditions of my visa, but I am not sure where I will go as this is the time of the year where monsoon rains are heaviest! I really want to go to Nepal, but I may not be able to view the mountains very well, and most treks will be out of season. Maybe I will go anyway and tour some of the temples in Kathmandu or something. Any suggestions? I am also considering Thailand...

Well bed is calling me, my eyes are drooping, so I think it is time to go to sleep.

Much love always.


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