Thursday, 2 June 2011

More inspiration..... :)

I am feeling more and more inspired as I discover cute little ideas and DIY projects... so I will continue on with the theme of my previous post - inspired.

Purl Bee - I would so love to buy my own sheep, learn how to spin it's wool, and feel all the more legit with my knitting.

The Student/Teacher has totally inspired me to pursue one interest at a time and just really focus in on it and see where it goes, like she has done with her daughters , it is so interesting to see how far they could take the simple interest of 'birds'. So amazing.

Lovely Clusters has made this lovely necklace - I would so love to recreate something similar, with a similar concept and idea.

Head on over to Wild Olive for basics in embroidery (if you are like me and are only really starting to broaden your creative abilities). Loving the raindrops idea!

Want to make a super cute chalkboard frame? Creature Comforts offers a super simple DIY method.

The 'yarn-bombing' from this Flickr album is just so breathtaking...

Francesca Jane's words are so delicate and so brutally honest that it is beautiful.

Rebecca - Whimsical Beauty had this image on her blog, am so keen to give this idea a go just for a simple 'I think you are amazing' gift for a friend.

Hope you are enjoying all of this amazing inspiration as much as I am!!!

:) x

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