Saturday, 29 December 2012

These cuties.

These beautiful faces are part of the reason I've managed to get through some of the harder times in Kolkata... a stolen smile, a warm cuddle, a dance in the rain, a muffled giggle; the little things that help me stay strong.

The most tear-inducing thought though, is the fact that the faces of the girls here are the ones that now have a future of education, and freedom from ever having to enter the sex-trade, losing that innocent glint in their eyes, and the care-free laughter, because Freeset has helped their mothers chose their freedom. Chose their own path. Making their own decisions in itself is new concept to some even.

And then there are the boys; they are the ones that will grow up heavily influenced by their environment, and the people who have input into their lives, and ultimately they will be husbands to their wives. Any influence that their mother's freedom and the wonderful women in the creche have in their perspective on the world, it's women, and its people, I pray will help shape them into wonderful young men.

Kushi, Charlie, Bindi, Luke... just some of the names of these faces I will forever hold ever-so-dear to my heart.

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