Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sri Lanka, August 2012

First train ride to Chennai = 28 hrs.
Travel buddies!
First sight of Sri Lanka
My favourite photo!
Babara the Python
Tania the one-year-old monkey - so cute!
Temple in the middle of a lake
Colombo Galle Face beach-front
Sunburn... whoops! We may or may not have forgotten about how close we were to the equator...
School girls going down to the beach for an afternoon splash - so funny to watch!
Galle Face, Colombo
Second train-ride: Colombo -> Hatton = 8 hours
This little boy and his brother knew only, "Hello," and, "What is your name?" Beyond that we received only blank, questioning looks from them. They became fascinated by my camera also!
Top of Adam's Peak - a shame that clouds completely obstructed our view of the sunrise!

The woman on the right asked for this photo to be taken, then promptly asked for money in return.
This is the beast that Anna and I conquered, viewed from our breakfast table at Wathsala Inn.
A huge waterfall!
Our hired transport ended up getting a speeding ticket... whoops.
Anna and I often sat down to write about our time in this beautiful country!
Our cute little bungalow-type shade on the beach, just north of Trincomalee
Aqua Inns - our accommodation for 3 nights. Pretty average, but the beach-front position was worth it.
Unfortunately during our time I received news from home of my grandmother's passing.
Some locals hauling in a massive fishing net, which took nearly an hour to recover.
A beautiful temple that I visited.
Another train.... this time from Trincomalee -> Colombo, on Anna's birthday = 8 hours.
Our Royal Scandinavian Suite at the Galle Face Hotel!
Hight Tea for Two!
Last night in Colombo!
Flags over Colombo - the Sri Lankan World Trade Centre is in the background.
With our feet up, we had a great birthday evening for Anna, relaxing, having a couple of quiet drinks, ordering in-room dinner (for a surprising low cost!), and watching Discovery Channel.
Farewell, Sri Lanka, you treated us very well!


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