Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Going's on.

Here are a few photos to keep you updated with a few goings-on here in Kolkata!

Howrah Bridge + Hoogli River
Looking at Hoogli from the bridge.
Displaying my rebellious side - and quickly walked away with the police shouting at us..
Judy and I walking home from Howrah Bridge in the late afternoon :)
Girls Night feast! French toast, pikelets, and an array of fresh fruit.
Judy, Rachel, Heather, and Esme.
Finished embroidery!
Morten being sneaky.
Watching and re-watching the hilarious security footage of Justin crawling out of Erika's office, turning to pout at her, and continuing his way out... haha.
Watching ice melt... such an exciting life I live!
A giant ant about to invade Brazil... It is actually about 1.5cm long! Creepy.
One of the ladies at Freeset grabbed my hand after work, took me aside, and proceeded to paint my nails. Love it.
Lunch with Erika, Anna, and Judy at Baristas - please note that the cake wasn't all mine!
Fabric shopping at Pinku's shop in Newmarket.
How synthetic is this strawberry jam?! It actually looks radioactive...
One of the gorgeous scarves I purchased.
My gift I made for Judy's birthday!
My first ever attempt at calzones... I must say I am pretty stoked with them! Except for the gimpy one on the right...
Roasting coconut-covered Lindale marshmallows mummy sent me for my birthday - with the flat mates after watching Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Yummy lychees!
And I decided to have my go at making cinnamon scrolls.
I am hoping to make a photo series of a few different things such as Bengali street-art, bumper stickers of auto-rickshaws, and textures/patterns around the place.


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  1. You will have the most fantastic coffee-table book for everyone to enjoy with your fabulous photos!