Monday, 3 October 2011

A drought.

My 'Well of Inspiration' is nearly bare. I am crawling across a desert with only a mirage of hopeful creativity dazzling in the ever distant horizon.

Ugh. Someone please save me?? I'm dying of thirst for something to really get me back into my design with a passion.

I have too many ideas, yet not enough; I don't have a proper system to organise any ideas that I do have cohesively, and I am just spiraling constantly. I am that person in the movie lost in the forest walking around, only to find that you are back where you began.

Hmm... let us see how this all pans out... looks like I am going to be completely changing my digital design ideas, when I am meant to be printing out samples in the next few days.

God have mercy on me... ugh.


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